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These amazing experts will transform the way you think about taking charge of your life and making positive changes in your success to lose weight. 

Here's why some weight loss plans work when other things fail and why The 2018 Menopause Weight Loss Summit can transform your life forever...

I've known the frustrations of wanting to change and improve my life and not achieving my goal.

For years I was tired of hearing things like "do more exercise" and “eat better foods" because while I wanted to do those things...

....I just couldn't find an easy way to actually accomplish them. ​

And then I struck gold, it all became so much easier.

Once I lost the weight, my energy improved, my foggy brain lifted, I lost that suborn body fat and I found my life renewed.

I want you to be able to do what I did and what so many women have done, which is to not only lose weight but to drastically improve your life in a short period of time, in a way that is simple and effective...

I've brought together the world's leading menopause & weight loss experts from around the world, to guide you in creating the life that you truly desire.

A life where you have the things you want like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health... the weight, body and health you deserve along with a level of stress that is normal and healthy. I want to help you create a life that is truly fulfilling.

Here are the speakers and topics...

Dana LaVoie

Dana Lavoie.... L.Ac, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & Founder of Menopause Basics.

Dana's passionate about teaching other women how to find natural relief from seemingly uncontrollable weight gain, boiling hot flashes, soaking night sweats, mood swings and signs of ageing. 

Dana will show you how to lose weight the easy way. Her passion is helping women who are frustrated and struggling with hormonal symptoms like menopausal weight gain using natural methods.

Jacqui O'N

Dana is great, enjoyed listening to her 

Joe Cross

Joe .... Story Teller, Creator and Star of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 1 & 2: Available on Netflix.

In this session you will learn about how fasting helps with weight loss. The three different types of fasting and why juicing is a great way to fast.

Sam Asser

Sam runs Fast Way To Health alongside her brother Mitch.

Fast Way To Health is a leading movement around all you need to know about fasting. She has interviewed many leading health and wellness experts from around the globe like Joe Cross, Dr DeMartini, Markus Rothkranz Don Tolman & Dr Joel Fuhrman.

In this session Sam discusses... Intermittent fasting and/or 24 hour fast benefits.

Thanks so much! I’m watching Sam at the moment... she’s a gorgeous soul!

Sheila H

Ana Sofia Batista

Ana .....M.A. M.Sc Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience

Whether your are struggling to bring meaning to your life or feeling overwhelmed or isolated, or need support during this change in your life, Ana helps you find deeper connection to yourself and feel inspired to bring the changes necessary for the transformations you are dreaming of.

Sally Baker

Sally ...is an award winning therapist, best selling author and popular speaker working for many years in private practice. She sees clients face to face in London and the world over via the internet.

Sally discusses how to resolve emotional eating and if emotional is blocking your weight loss success as well as other emotional blockages.

Liz Hogon


She has been a therapist now for over 17 years, treating people across a wide range of issues including fears, phobias, anxiety and stopping smoking. Her speciality is in the successful treatment of depression and weight loss. 

Michelle Pualani

The language we use towards ourselves and towards each other can be as much for building each other up as it can to tear us down. Michelle wants to see a change in the way we think of ourselves in the eyes of others. 

The way we see our own health and the way we’re able to fully become whatever it may be we envision for ourselves. Michelle helps to motivate and inspire women globally to participate in a movement. A movement towards building a healthy lifestyle that incorporates mental, physical, social, and individual wellness on a grand scale.

Tina Hnatiuk

Tina is a women’s leadership coach, yoga instructor and found of Soul Strategy Sessions and Fearless. She helps women to decrease their anxiety and skyrocket their happiness, freedom and ease in life.

What Tina has learnt as a coach over the past 10 years, is the biggest mistake you can make is missing a clear vision of what you want. Tina shows you how to attain a clear vision and direction for a life to be free of anxiety.

Tansy Rodgers

Tansy specializes in coaching women who are frustrated by weight gain, low energy, low self-esteem, and poor health – women who are ready to take back their health!

Through education on energy balancing techniques, hormones and the importance they play, how food is vital for results, and delivering a unique and challenging workout, she coaches on how to help you to recenter and create an upgraded version of your- self – Whole Person Health!

Dr T. Beaubrun

 Integrative Family Physician, Certified Transformational Nutrition coach (CTNC) , Digestive Health and Women’s Wellness expert.

She has dedicated her career to helping people feel their best in their bodies so they can live happy, healthy and free lives.

In this session you will discover the contributing factors to the symptoms associated with perimenopause and how to manage living through the full menopause journey by balancing hormones thus improving sleep and decreasing stress. 

Sharon Snowdon

Pilates, Fitness & Wellness Coach.  

Sharon is an health and fitness professional and specialises in helping women in their 40's and 50's lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

Andrea Caprio

Andrea is a Certified Transformational Nutrition coach (CTNC) and Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC), Digestive & Hormonal Health and Autoimmune Specialist.

Andrea Caprio, founder and CEO of Wellness Methods By Andrea Caprio, is an expert in empowering busy working professionals with chronic diseases, weight issues, stress and fatigue, to nourish their bodies and flourish in their lives.

Terry Bahat

Terry is known as the most sought after explorer and developer of women’s mental and physical inner strength. She is committed to helping professional, stressed, busy, overweight women become healthier, more energetic and stronger in mind and body along with building confidence and self- esteem.

Terry is famous for creating highly effective and fun programs for increasing women’s energy and vitality while teaching them to be kind to their bodies and above all to love themselves. All of this is achieved without food deprivation or being on ever-changing fad diets.

Chrissy McDonald

It is Chrissie's absolute passion in life to help create “Strong women”! She loves nothing more than taking woman from the group fitness room, from the comfort of their couch...the usual comfort zone for many ... and leading them onto the gym floor and teaching them how to empower themselves through weight training, confidence and owning their space there.

In this session you will learn the best exercise you should be doing and why, in order to lose weight and preserve muscle mass.

Kristyn Haster

Kristyn the founder and editor of the blog Live Lethal.com Crazy Confident You. She is a fitness instructor, weight loss trainer, and personal transformation coach

`In this session, discover some of the biggest excuses women make when trying to lose weight and what you can do to overcome them as well as some foundational tips that you can start doing today to set yourself up for permanent weight loss.

Barbara St. Louis

Barbara is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Fat Loss Coach

In this session  you will learn the important relationship between exercise, movement, and combatting midlife weight gain, the dietary changes Barbara suggests to help reduce menopause symptoms and tips for exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management to help restore hormonal balance.

Melanie Connolly

Melanie empowers women to take control of their health so they can slow or stop the progression of their autoimmune diseases.

In this session you will learn the 5 Steps to Autoimmune Health Including reducing any inflammation in the body, how to improve your digestions and gut health, and daily detoxification remedies.

Micki Contini

Micki is on a mission to educate and empower women worldwide about natural solutions to take control of their own health. She specializes in Menopause Management, Healthy Weight Loss, Natural Hormone Balancing, Detoxification, Successful Aging, and Disease Prevention Strategies.

In this session you will learn more about the role of your thyroid and tests you can do from the comfort of your own home to see if your thyroid is under functioning and interfering with your weight loss goals.

Amy White

Amy is a board certified holistic nutritionist and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner. Amy’s work with client’s is always to educate, empower and enable. Her ultimate goal is to help each client connect the dots between diet, lifestyle and wellness. 

In this session you will lean why insulin as a key factor when it comes to weight loss. What you can do to lower your insulin level and/or improve insulin sensitivity. The difference between a low-carb diet vs a ketogenic diet.

Marney Perna

Marney is an accomplished author and has published her NEW self-help book Creating Calm Amid Chaos.

In this session you will learn how you can ease your menopause symptoms and how to manage your weight. The most common reason for women failing or giving up on a successful weight loss journey and how you can overcome this.

Tracey Atkinson

Tracey is steeped in both the Vedic and Shamanic Traditions and lives these traditions everyday. It is her mission to help her clients discover who they are, what their strengths are, what their blocks are and ultimately how to heal and be free.

In this session you will learn how to overcome fear and anxiety.

Cheryl Ciecko

Cheryl Ciecko, Inc. was founded as an integrative architectural wellness-consulting company to provide support, assistance, resources and insights to both professionals and individuals challenged by water damage and mold in buildings, resulting in possible health impacts for occupants.

In this session you will learn what kind of symptoms are common with mold exposure. including hormonal issues and weight gain.

Joanne Fairbrother

Joanne is a Weight Loss Consultant.

A balanced diet consists of fats, proteins calories or carbohydrates and water. Joanne shows you a comparison of the value of carbohydrates by a visual display of a sample of healthy foods and show them a comparison of the amount of sugars in them.

Emma Woolrich

Emma uses a blend of her intuitive and coaching skills to get to the heart of the issue and helps her clients create sustainable change, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

In this session you will learn the importance of supporting your organs by detoxing your diet, emotions and memories. The storage of anger and fear resides in the very organs going through huge change during hormonal shift.

Sharon Burris-Brown

Sharon is a NBC-HWC.  National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  

In this session you will learn how stress affects weight and menopause and what you can do to ease it.

Cordelia Gaffer

Cordelia's mission is to prevent women from neglecting themselves to the point of adrenal issues, thyroid issues, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

In this session you will learn how to have less stress in your life and how to achieve emotional stability and how to keep calm.

Bettie G.

So much work putting this summit together, Julie. 
Much appreciated, I have got tips from all the presenters 
I thank you

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