Ulla Gaudin

Professional Make-Up Artist..

Ulla Gaudin ... helps women channel their inner power to create their own personal style

As a professional make-up artist / hair stylist she has contributed to many successful international stage, film, and television productions, and her expertise includes skincare, prosthetic make-up and wig-making. As an entrepreneur and also a consultant for the 2nd largest premium skincare company in the United States, she prides herself in helping women own their style, own their power and change their lives.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Beauty secrets specifically targeted for women 45 years +.
  • Which make-up remover is best for cleansing.
  • The best way to keep your make-up vibrant and polished all day.
  • Ulla shares with you FREE gift: The Ultimate Guide to Long-lasting Makeup.

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