You're In! Congratulations on joining the MENOPAUSE WEIGHT LOSS SUMMIT 

 Here’s what to do next!

Step 1: Please check your emails for my welcome email where your Weight Loss Starter Pack is ready to download. Be sure to check Spam and Promotions Tab as it may be sent their if you are using Gmail.

Step 2: Please add [email protected] to your email contacts to ensure you get all emails and information about the Summit.

Step 3 - I would love it if you could share the Menopause Relief Success Summit with your friends.

Starting March 5th you can watch the summit for FREE! (for a limited time)

These amazing speakers will transform the way you think about taking charge of your life and making positive changes in your success to lose weight. 

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun


Joe Cross

Sam Asser

Dana LaVoie

Tina Hnatiuk

Michelle Houston

Andrea Caprio

Barbara St. Louis

Amy White

Terry Bahat

Ana Batista

Emma Woolrich

Cheryl Ciecko

Sharon Burris-Brown

Micki Contini

Chrissy McDonald

Liz Hogon

Sally Baker

Melanie Connolly

Tansy Rogers

Kristyn Haster

Sharon Snowdon

Marney Perna

Cordelia Gaffer

Tracy Atkinson

Joanne Fairbrother

I've brought together 25+ of the world's most influential lifestyle experts and asked them to dive deep into their personal success strategies, systems and tips that have helped them and their clients to lose weight, and keep it off.

And they're ALL women, just like you, with one male thrown in the mix!

They’ll show you exactly how to lose weight, live healthier lives, reverse debilitating diseases and get answers to the questions you have been searching for.

They’ll show you exactly how to lose weight, live healthier lives, reverse debilitating diseases and get answers to the questions you have been searching for.

Get Access to Amazing Weight Loss Experts Who Will Show You That You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off! And the best part is...It's FREE to join!

Because you'll realise the information that is shared really works!

The truth has never been revealed like this before... and you are about to get a front-row pass to these easy to follow, amazingly insightful, sessions.

The Menopause Weight Loss Summit 2018 Will Show You That You Can Feel Better, Healthier & More Vibrant As You Age Without Feeling Deprived, Hungry or Irritable!

What if I cannot attend all the sessions in the time frame ?

You will have free access to each talk of the Menopause Weight Loss Summit 2018 for 24 hours. Be sure to check your email for the link.

You will walk away form these sessions having all the right knowledge and advice you need to lose weight better than ever before - and keep it off!

But, I do not want you to miss a single minute. Every session could mean the difference between you successfully losing weight without feeling deprived, hungry or irritable.

So please, try and block out 4-5 hours a day to watch these intensive sessions. Every day the sessions are yours to watch for 24 hours. After that, they will be accessible only if you purchase the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack.

Mark your calendars, set your alarm, take days of work if you need to


Watch all the sessions, on your own time, time and time again.

This is only possible if you purchase the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack and access all the sessions and also receive some amazing extra bonuses. Press the button below to learn more about how to purchase a Weight Loss Accelerator Pass. This pass is on a discounted price right now, but as soon as the summit starts, the price will go up. So if you think you might miss some of the sessions, go ahead and get your Weight Loss Accelerator Pack now.

If it is FREE to join, then why do I need to purchase the Weight Loss Accelerator Pass?

With a Free Access Pass, you can watch all the sessions for free during the summit days according to the schedule. However if you wish to watch the sessions at your own time and get access to them for up to one year after the summit, you can purchase the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack. With access to The Weight Loss Accelerator Pack, you also get access to special bonuses from speakers and as well be in the chance to win one of my  6 Week "Choose To Lose" Weight Loss program (10 lucky winners).

Remember the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack is on sale right now at an never to be repeated low price for a limited time only.

What is included in the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack?

  1. Full access to all the video recordings 
  2. Transcriptions of each video with links
  3. MP3 audio of each session
  4. Bonuses not shared in the Weight Loss Starter Pack (Value $2000+)

Bonuses Include...

Bonus # 1

10 LUCKY WINNERS: Full access to the 6-Week "Choose To Lose" Weight Loss Program (Value $197)

Bonus # 2 

2018 Menopause Weight Loss Summit Recipe Book. Over 20 recipes shared by the speakers of the 2018 Weight Loss Summit. (Value $19)

Bonus # 3

Transcripts to the 2017 Menopause Weight Loss Summit ebook

Bonus # 4

Early Bird Promo Only: Purchase now and get an extra bonus..​.How To Get In The Right Mindset(Value 19.95)

What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee?

I am so certain that you will get answers to your questions and that you will be satisfied with your access to the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack that I promise to give you your money back at any time within the first 30 days if you are not 100% happy.

Get Access to World-Class Weight Loss Experts Who Share Their Best Kept Secrets For Losing Weight & Keeping It Off In The Menopause! And the best part is...It's FREE for a limited time ( unbelievable value!)

About Your Host: Julie Dargan

Julie Dargan is The Menopause Whisperer. Julie's career path as a Naturopath BHSc, Nurse, Public Speaker, Author and Menopause Consultant helps her to bring to you the best weight loss programs most suited to YOU.

Julie understands the difficulty some women can experience such as isolation and misunderstanding from their doctors, family and friends during this time in their lives.

This is why the idea of a Summit to help women discover the changes occuring at menopause and causing weight gain has come about.

No longer are we going to whisper, but we are going to be up front and personal so you can get the answers and guidance you are looking for.

"It is in the whispers that we are heard." Julie Dargan ND, BHSc, RN, Author & Speaker

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