Lisa Clegg & Roopa Rao?

Ayurvedic practitioners...

Lisa Clegg ...Mindset Nutritionist.

Roopa Rao an Ayurvedic practitioner with 15 years experience, trained in India and is the Associate Dean and senior lecturer at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, joins Lisa in this session.

Lisa is a student of Roopa's and also a practicing Ayurvedic practitioner. Lisa has been practicing Ayurveda for 2 years and has a psychology background. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness.

Roopa and Lisa have been running a series of workshops together teaching women how to manage their menopause using Ayurveda.

In this interview you will discover…

  • How Ayurveda can help to relieve your menopause symptoms. 
  • A holistic approach to menopause in a delightful 3 way conversation. I suggest you sit back and have a glass of wine, sit out on the terrace in the sunshine or in front of a blazing fire for this one!
  • Simple suggestions to help you sleep at night, particularly if you find yourself waking many times through the night.
    • Click on the following links for some of the literature mentioned in this session. For Ayurvedic Tea Combinations Click Here, Hormonal Balancing Guideline Click Here and Ayurvedia in The Menopause Click Here

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