Hilary Lewin

Discovering the Wonders of a Woman's Menopause Journey...

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Hilary Lewin ...Arvigo® Therapy Massage Therapist

The self-care massage, as well as self-love, is what makes  Therapy unique. Dr. Rosita Arvigo understood the value of giving clients something to take home with them and regular feedback from clients emphasises how wonderful it is to have such an easy tool to work with.

Through repetition of the massage on a daily basis in your own home you will develop a deeper understanding of your own body, see faster results from the work and in many cases lessen the need for endless treatments with a therapist. You get to do the work and you get to experience the benefits. In addition to this Hilary will encourage you to explore a variety of other self care techniques to support you in all areas of your life. (This sometimes involves shopping, excursions, eating great food, drinking, dancing and generally having fun)

In this interview you will discover…

  • An understanding of your Abdomen and how it affects your health.
  • How the womb changes as we approach menopause and how to support the womb during this transition.
  • How the changes in our womb affect us emotionally.
  • How to mine for your own diamonds!
  • Self care with takeaway techniques for you to try at home while watching the session.

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