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Tina Hnatiuk

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Tina...Tina is a women’s leadership coach, yoga instructor and found of Soul Strategy Sessions and Fearless. She helps women to decrease their anxiety and skyrocket their happiness, freedom and ease in life.

What Tina has learnt as a coach over the past 10 years, is the biggest mistake you can make is missing a clear vision of what you want.

If you don’t have a clear vision, all the strategy, tools, and implementation in the world aren’t going to help you make the changes you need to transform your life.

All good plans start with a vision to act as a compass, continually guiding you to your goal.

Without direction, you will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, just like walking in circles.

In this interview you will discover…

  • A clear vision and direction for your life anxiety free.
  • Access to deeper wisdom and gain powerful insight of what you need to do next.
  • A real sustainable compass to overcome anxiety.
  • Discover 3 things about anxiety that is holding you back in living a fulfilled life.
  • 3 tips you can start doing today to decrease the stress in your life.

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