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Terry Bahat

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Terry ...Terry is passionate about helping women who are stressed, tired, overworked, and unhealthy to make time for themselves and take charge of their life. Her approach to fitness and mindset training is balanced, creative, challenging and rewarding.

Terry is known as the most sought after explorer and developer of women’s mental and physical inner strength. She is committed to helping professional, stressed, busy, overweight women become healthier, more energetic and stronger in mind and body along with building confidence and self- esteem.

Terry is famous for creating highly effective and fun programs for increasing women’s energy and vitality while teaching them to be kind to their bodies and above all to love themselves. All of this is achieved without food deprivation or being on ever-changing fad diets.

Terry works closely with her clients one-on- one and, in her personalised programs supporting them to reach radiant health and optimum body weight.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Terry's journey to wellness and self discipline
  • Pyramid of CoreWorks Wellness
  • How to become a better You - Every Day.
  • Tips from her Fit Mind Fab Body ; No Diet Weight Loss for Busy Women  Book.

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