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Day 1 – Monday, March 5th, 2018: Getting You Motivated

Dana la Voie

Dana wants women everywhere to know the techniques Asian women have always known about balancing hormones naturally. It’s like a roadmap for hormones 

Joe Cross

From the creator of Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead Joe has amazing insights to share that will have you mesmerised and begging for a delicious green juice or smoothie.

Sam Asser

Fast Way To Health is a leading movement around all you need to know about fasting. She has interviewed many leading health and wellness experts like Joe Cross & Dr Cousins.

Ana Sofia Batista

 Ana helps you find deeper connection to yourself and feel inspired to bring the changes necessary for the transformations you are dreaming of. Meditation and relaxation.

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 6th, 2018: Getting You In The Mindset

Sally Baker 

For you to succeed at weight loss and to maximise your health potential, learn what things would be helpful for you to get clear of and resolve in how you think and feel about yourself.

Liz Hogon

Liz explains how diets fail if the root cause of weight issues are not addressed  and how you can access your subconscious mind and discover why you may be sabotaging your own weight.

Michelle Pualani

Everyone leads busy lives these days and Michelle suggests ways wellness can be incorporated into your day with a packed schedule with simple habit formations that are so easy to follow.

Tina Hnatiuk

Tina is a women’s leadership coach and yoga instructor. She helps women to decrease their anxiety and skyrocket their happiness, freedom and find ease in life. You will enjoy this session.

Day 3 – Wednesday, March 7th, 2018: Stress Busters

Tansy Rodgers 

Tansy Rodgers is the owner of beU Complete – body energy unity, complete health coaching. She is dedicated to helping people transform lives. 

Dr. T. Beaubrun

 Integrative Family Physician, Certified Transformational Nutrition coach (CTNC) , Digestive Health and Women’s Wellness expert.

Sharon Snowdon

Sharon helps women all over the world release their stress, avoid burnout and take control of their schedule and halt stress interfering with weight loss.

Andrea Caprio

Andrea is an expert in empowering busy working professionals with chronic diseases, weight issues, stress and fatigue, to nourish & flourish everyday.

Day 4 – Thursday, March 8th, 2018: Exercise & Movement

Terry Bahat 

Terry is passionate about helping women who are stressed, tired, overworked, and unhealthy to make time for themselves and take charge of their life.

Chrissy McDonald

Chrissy discusses what changes  you need to make in terms of the way, the type, the duration and the amount of exercise you do in order to lose weight.

Kristyn Haster

Kristyn shares foundational habits that you can start doing today to set yourself up for guaranteed permanent weight loss and success in your journey.

Barbara St. Louis

Barbara is a Fitness & Nutrition Coach who specializes in teaching women how to combat the mid-life weight and boost their metabolism.

Barbara uses her extensive training along with experience from her own fitness journey to help her clients feel healthier, stronger and more confident. Barbara teaches clients not just how to live well, but also empowers them to become the absolute BEST version of themselves.

Day 5 – Friday, March 9th, 2018: Thyroid, Autoimmune Health & Blood Sugar Intolerances

Melanie Connolly

Autoimmune health and how to decrease inflammation in the body & improve gut health.

Micki Contini

Is it Menopause or is it Your Thyroid? 5 Step Plan to Fix Your Thyroid, even if Your Blood Tests are “Normal"

Amy White

Insulin sensitivity  & weight gain. How to overcome insulin fluctuations and spiking blood sugars.

Marney Perna

Marney helps extremely stressed women who are searching for simple and natural ways to help cope.

Day 6 – Saturday, March 10th, 2018: Things Are Moving Up!



Using Verdic astrology Tracy shows how you can overcome anxiety,



Impacts of Environment on Weight Loss. Moisture, Mould and Menopause



Discover how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Emma      Woolrich

Anger, fear, and IBS and how they affect your weight loss efforts.

Day 7 – Sunday, March 11th, 2018: How to De-Stress & Find Calm In Your Life

Sharon Burris-Brown 

Importance in releasing stress and practising mindfulness to help you lose weight.

Cordelia Gaffar

How to find calmness and emotional stability during this rollercoaster period of your life.

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