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Sam Asser

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Sam ... runs Fast Way To Health alongside her brother Mitch.

Fast Way To Health is a leading movement around all you need to know about fasting. She has interviewed many leading health and wellness experts from around the globe like Joe Cross, Dr DeMartini, Markus Rothkranz Don Tolman & Dr Joel Fuhrman.

Their online events have reached over 40,000 people worldwide and continue to help create a positive ripple effect of health, wellness and greatness out into the world. 

In this interview you will discover…

1- Loving yourself first, finding joy in the journey and accepting natural cycles of life.

2 - Fasting to deepen the connection to yourself, your body. 

- Intermittent fasting and/or 24 hour fast benefits and then breaking fast with hormone balancing smoothie. 

3 - Knowing your body on an intimate level to listen to signals. 

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