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Sally Baker

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Sally ...is an award winning therapist, best selling author and popular speaker working for many years in private practice. She sees clients face to face in London and the world over via the internet.

Her professional specialism is in helping her clients to resolve and release their negative limiting beliefs however they show up in their life from emotional eating, to social-anxiety and panic attacks, to procrastination and self-sabotaging behaviour.

Sally’s first book co-written with her friend and collegue, Australian therapist Liz Hogon ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ was published in 2015 and their second book ‘How to Feel Differently about Food’ exploring the emotional links to food and mood was published in January 2017. Both titles are published by Ham- mersmith Books, London.

Sally is currently writing solo her next book ‘The Getting of Resilience from the In- side Out’ for people who struggle in adulthood with how they think and feel about themselves often from their experiences of growing up in demanding family situa- tions. It is scheduled for publication in early 2019.

Sally and Liz have also recently launched an online course ‘Overcoming Emotional Eating’ based extensively on their experience of working with thousands of clients to overcome their disordered eating. The course provides additional structured con- tent and resources for the self-helper who feels they would benefit from more sup- port but is not in a position, or chooses not to, work one to one with Sally or Liz.


In this interview you will discover…

  • What makes women come and see Sally to lose weight instead of choosing to see a nutritionist or a personal trainer.
  • Sally's specialism is resolving emotional eating. Discover how can women work out if emotional eating is blocking their weight loss ?
  • A lot of women don't understand their yo-yo dieting where sometimes they successfully lose weight and other times they fall off the wagon and just give up. Discover what is going on for these women?
  • For you to succeed at weight loss and to maximise your health potential, learn what things would be helpful for you to get clear of and resolve in how you think and feel about yourself.
  • How some women attribute their struggle to lose weight to trauma or to difficult times in their life. Bad things are unavoidable so what makes some women react by binge eating or disordered eating when other women don’t?
  • Sally shares her one key element that would help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss.
  • If you have a history of yo-yo dieting for many years what are the steps you need to take to make peace with food and your body?

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