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Michelle Pualani

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Michelle ...Facilitator @ Be Better Empowerment: Discovering Your Philosophy on Health

The language we use towards ourselves and towards each other can be as much for building each other up as it can to tear us down. Michelle wants to see a change in the way we think of ourselves in the eyes of others. 

The way we see our own health and the way we’re able to fully become whatever it may be we envision for ourselves. She helps to motivate and inspire women globally to participate in a movement. A movement towards building a healthy lifestyle that incorporates mental, physical, social, and individual wellness on a grand scale.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Everyone leads busy lives these days, Michelle suggests ways wellness can be incorporated into your day with a packed schedule.
  • Why her main focus is “setting clients up for success” in health  and what exactly this means.
  • Why focusing  on cognitive training in such things as meditation and visualisation are these important to losing weight.
  • Habit formation is not something easy for most people to address - discover how to make lasting change in your life.
  • What is self-talk and how it relates to fitness.

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