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Melanie Connolly

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Melanie ..Holistic Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert. 

Melanie empowers women to take control of their health so they can slow or stop the progression of their autoimmune diseases.

Melanie was your typical skinny kid when she was little, but that all changed when she turned 16 and got an autoimmune disease. Instantly she started gaining weight, and having other issues like a chronic stuffy nose, and low blood sugar issues. Plus she had an autoimmune disease that wasn’t typical for someone at this age that affected her bladder. 

Discover Melanie's journey and how she learnt to live in harmony with an autoimmune disease.

In this interview you will discover…

  • 5 Steps to Autoimmune Health Including..

Step 1 - Build the Foundation by Reducing overall inflammation

Step 2 - Improve Digestion & Improve Gut Health

Step 3 - Daily Detoxification & reducing toxins

Step 4 - Make yourself a priority with extreme self-care

Step 5 - Digging deeper 

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Melanie Shares... 5 steps to autoimmune health, a 5 step system to take control of your health to slow or stop the progression of your autoimmune disease.  To access CLICK HERE

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