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Kristyn Haster

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Kristyn  ..Fitness Instructor & Weight Loss Trainer

Kristyn Haster is the founder and editor of the blog Live Lethal.com Crazy Confident You. She is a fitness instructor, weight loss trainer, and personal transformation coach.

After several years working as a licensed marriage and family therapist she found her passion helping women find personal happiness, confidence and strength in both their mind and body. She has spent the last 10+ years helping women lose weight and feel great about themselves.

She has also been personally trained by celebrity fitness and weight loss trainers Chris and Heidi Powell and has developed a breakthrough weight loss program called Whole Body Breakthrough that addresses the three essential components to permanent weight loss. The first being the physical, the second being emotional and the third being the spiritual.

Whole Body Breakthrough available at wholebodybreakthrough.com is designed for for busy people who want to lose weight and feel great without stress or struggle.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Some of the biggest struggles/excuses when people are trying to lose weight & what you can do to overcome them.
  • Why it is so hard for women to stay active and some things that you can do to make working out more fun and enjoyable.
  • Some foundational things that you can start doing today to set yourself up for  permanent  weight loss.

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