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Joanne Fairbrother

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Joanne ..Weight Loss Consultant

Joanne's light bulb moment..."I had been invited to a seminar as I am always eager to learn new ways of helping others and this is where I had my light bulb moment... It all started to make sense. I was so excited and could not believe I had not put this together before. It was innovative and a complete new idea and a fantastic way to look at food. I was so eager to go home and try this new way of eating. I started losing weight, I had a smile on my face and there was no stopping me. I felt fantastic, I had so much energy, my clothes where getting looser, my brain fog was lifting which I had been blaming the kids for, I wasn’t as cranky and snappy at everyone. I felt sexy again and was going into the shops and buy clothes straight of the rack! My body was mine again!

Joanne shares these tips that helped her to lose weight and turn her life around.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Sugar content in every day foods.
  • A balanced diet consists of fats, proteins calories or carbohydrates and water. Over the years Joanne has spoken to many people and they have advised her that they have already done a high protein or low carb diet. But when she asks them a couple of questions she has discovered that many people have really understood the difference in sugars and how many are in their everyday foods. There are so many programs on offer these days that it can be confusing on the right foods to eat and many of the foods we think are healthy can contain sneaky hidden sugars in them. Joanne shows you a comparison of the value of carbohydrates by a visual display of a sample of healthy foods and show them a comparison of the amount of sugars in them.

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