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Emma Woolrich

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Emma ...studied at The Coaching Institute, is a qualified Meta Dynamics TM practitioner and behavioural profiler in edisc.

She is a qualified Meliae Energy Practitioner (energy healing) and has recently been taking volunteers through a new Self Healing energy Program she has created.

Emma uses a blend of her intuitive and coaching skills to get to the heart of the issue and helps her clients create sustainable change, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Her corporate background of over 30 years is a mix of six sigma Lean and Risk and she coaches/mentors individuals.

In this interview you will discover…

  • Tips Emma found useful in her own journey through research and application .
  • The importance of supporting your organs by detoxing your diet, emotions and memories.
  • The storage of anger and fear resides in the very organs going through huge change during hormonal shift.
  • When Emma detoxed body, mind and spirit she detoxed 47 years of anger from her younger self, something Emma attributes her IBS to.
  • How the liver especially has to work harder as the oestrogen levels drop.
  • Importance of supplements such as magnesium, pre and probiotics, Adrentone, milk thistle and globe artichoke as well as foods such as dark chocolate and oats.

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