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Chrissie McDonald

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​Chrissy ..Weight Loss Consultant

“My passion and purpose is to create Strong Woman, in body and mind!”

It is Chrissie's absolute passion in life to help create “Strong women”! She loves nothing more than taking woman from the group fitness room, from the comfort of their couch...the usual comfort zone for many ... and leading them onto the gym floor and teaching them how to empower themselves through weight training, confidence and owning their space there.

Through weight training, confidence and owning their space there. And last but not least, I know how to have fun! Fun is SO important!

In this interview you will discover…

  • Do you need to be exercising when you are going through menopause, and why?
  • What sort of exercise you need to be doing?
  • You may be doing a lot of group fitness and cardio type exercise.....does this now change or can you keep doing the same thing?
  • What changes DO you need to make in terms of the way, the type, the duration and the amount of exercise you do?
  • Why you need to lift weights? (You will not look look like a body builder and be huge and bulky?
  • Why you keep putting on weight that just won’t budge regardless of how much you exercise?
  • If you have never done weights before now, is it too late? And how do you start?

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