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Cheryl Ciecko

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Cheryl  ..Impacts of Environment on Weight Loss

Cheryl Ciecko, Inc. was founded as an integrative architectural wellness-consulting company to provide support, assistance, resources and insights to both professionals and individuals challenged by water damage and mold in buildings, resulting in possible health impacts for occupants.

In this interview you will discover…

  • What kind of symptoms are common with mild exposure. Including hormonal issues and weight gain.
  • If everyone affected by mood toxins & who is most sensitive
  • Possible sources of water damage and mold in a building?
  • If a building can be mold resistent?
  • How you evaluate your home for mold. Can you see it or smell it?
  • What you need to understand about mold?
  • How you can get rid of mold.
  • The best way to clean mold?
  • Precautions that should be taken if mold is suspected or even discovered?
  • How mold can interfere with your weight loss efforts.

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Cheryl shares a video on how to evaluate a shower for mold and a pdf of the "10 Common Sources of Mold". To access CLICK HERE

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