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 Sarah Dawkins

Sarah ...Accredited Master Coach, Registered Nurse, author and multi-award winning entrepreneur

Sarah is also a qualified as a DNAfit trainer. Through a simple test, she can help you understand how your unique genes affect your health. Reviewing your results, Sarah can enable you to understand how to nourish and work your body, enabling you to get the best from it, based on your DNA.

The Healing At Home, 12 week online programme that Sarah wrote, enhances her coaching and provision of DNAfit, helping you to improve your health and ultimately, improve your life. 


In this interview you will discover…

  • Exactly what is DNA fit.
  • Why DNAFit is a valid test.
  • Why you need to understand your genes.
  • If there is a gene related to obesity.
  • How DNAFit relates to weight loss.
  • What types of diets DNAFit offers.
  • Here is the link  and download a sample page of DNAFit that is explained in this session.

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