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 Nagina Abdullah 

Nagina ...Weight Loss Expert For Entrepreneurial Women

Nagina is the founder of MasalaBody.com and helps women lose up to 40 lbs. using natural herbs and spices.

She created Spice Yourself Skinny, an 8-week program in which women describe their weight loss as "effortless," including women 45+.

She has been featured in Business Insider, on Time, Inc. and on Fox News for her weight-loss expertise. knows how difficult it is to juggle the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with a full- time, corporate job and the household duties of a full-time mama and wife.


In this interview you will discover…

  • How Nagina started Masala Body.
  • What Nagina does to help women over 45 lose weight.
  • Nagina discusses 3 spices and herbs for women 45+ to lose weight (even if your metabolism is slowing)
  • #1 Spice: is a sweet spice
  • #2 Spice also has benefits for women in the menopause.
  • #3 is a herb that is great for the menopause as well as for weight loss.
  • Nagina shares her 3 spiced late-night snacks that banish sugar cravings. To access CLICK HERE. The link can also be found in the Weight Loss Starter Pack you received when first sign up for the summit.

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