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All you need to do is take the next step

Maybe you don't know exactly what you're weight loss goal is - or even where to start.

Or you might not have the right mindset to start yet.

It's easier than you'd imagine when you have experts on your side...

And you'll be armed with years of trial, error, and improvement - in clear, easy-to-follow action steps.

From how to create simple, easy, delicious recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

And shortcuts that have you spending less time in the kitchen.

But let's be honest with ourselves: There's no "magic pill" to overnight weight loss success.

If it worked like that, we'd all have perfect bodies, abundance of energy and life would be great...

Instead our guest speakers will show you the easiest systems to create the body you are looking for and transform your life -fast.

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"What if I'm not a great note taker? Is there a PDF I can download?"

All sessions are transcribed for you when you purchase The Weight Loss Accelerator  Pack to give you the precise details to Accelerate Your Weight Loss Journey!

This helps to give you the inside scoop on your Weight Loss Journey! Boost your metabolism and start getting the results you have been looking for.

Also Included In The Accelerator Pack...

Bonus # 1: Weight Loss Recipe Book.

Included in this ebook are recipes from some of the speakers. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks and sides are all included in this book.

There is also an introduction informative section where I talk about liver health, your hormones, protecting your bones and more.​

​Tips to save you time with action steps you can take to spend less time in the kitchen.

Bonus # 2: All sessions transcribed.

If you prefer to read the sessions, I have this covered with every session transcribed for you to read at your leisure.

​Detailed session notes from each interview including direct links mentioned in each session.

Bonus # 3: Full transcript from "Best of 2016" Menopause Weight Loss Summit

The Menopause Relief Summit in 2016 was a great success.

You can read the transcriptions from the best of the speakers will links to their websites.

Bonus # 4: Free Gifts From Speakers To The Value Of Over $595

Direct links to each speakers free gift. You will find your links under each speakers session. We have a generous list of gifts and discounts that are available to Weight Loss Accelerator Holders only.

​Gifts include meditative guidance audios, recipes not shared in the Starter Pack, discounts to some of the programs shared by the speakers, discounts to the upcoming Bali Retreat Led By Julie Dargan, and More..

Bonus # 5: MP3 Recordings from every session 

Not only do you get lifetime access to the complete session videos, you also get downloadable MP3's.

Each speaker's session has been converted into a high quality audio file. You can download them and take them with you.

The information, tips and tricks contained in these MP3's will empower you for years to come.

Bonus 6: Access To My Private Facebook Group For Women 45+ (No Men Allowed!!)

Be a part of an awesome community of women where we share our dreams, our hopes, and seek guidance at this time of your life. 

Recipes are shared and any upcoming Green Smoothie Challenges etc are all shared in the group before being shared anywhere else.

"How long will it take to get results? I don't want to wait years."

This is your ticket to Weight Loss Success

You don't have to deprive yourself or follow an unsustainable program to get the results you desire, you just have to take action.

You won't feel tired or exhausted or yearning for "forbidden" foods. The speakers in this summit are leaders in their respective areas and the information they share are priceless.

When you purchase the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack  you'll be taking action right away, rewatching the videos, reading through the Action Guides and getting results.

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Remember, the biggest benefit is LIFETIME access to the entire summit.

Once the speakers hang up on the video call they will become virtually inaccessible to the every day person. The only way you might get to hear what they have to say is pay their hourly rate, which could be as high as $1,000 per hour.

I am having to wait for nearly 2 months to speak to some of the speakers on the summit. This is why the Weight Loss Accelerator Pack is a complete "no-brainer".

Some of the speakers so far have even surprised themselves with how much they shared.

Your weight loss efforts can be easier and more effective. Having lifetime access to these sessions will give you a huge advantage in achieving your goal.

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