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 Karen Taylor

Karen ...Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Congee Enthusiast.

Karen ate her first bowl of delicious congee during Chinese medical school over twenty years ago. It felt so comforting and satisfying. She'll never forget that moment. She hadn’t even noticed how her cold breakfast was making her feel.

Since then Karen has been promoting how breakfast fuels your success to:

  • banish bloating
  • boost metabolism​
  • sharpen mental focus
  • stabilise blood sugar
  • balance moods
  • energise your day.


In this interview you will discover…

  • How digestion and metabolism are seen as virtually the same in Chinese medical nutrition and why this is important during menopause. 
  • Why whole food and whole grains are so important.
  • How a women knows if she especially needs to consider the wisdom of warm, soothing, whole grain based breakfasts.
  • What is congee and why Karen promote eating congee and how you can get started with congee.
  • Why breakfast should an opportunity not to be missed.
  • To access Karen's FREE  Congee Recipe Booklet, CLICK HERE (can be found in the Weight Loss Starter pack also)

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