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 Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon

Dr Krista Scott-Dixon ...PhD

Dr. Krista is the intellectual powerhouse behind The Precision Nutrition coaching program. She also runs a women’s weight training website: stumptuous.com

precision nutrition.com

In this interview you will discover…

  • Precision Nutrition share many inspiring and informational articles which can be found in the Weight Loss Starter Pack. If you have missed reading them I urge you to go back to your starter pack and download them today. Here is a link to one of the best articles I have read on the subject of menopause. 
  • Simple easy steps you can start today to kick start your weight loss journey.
  • The difference between good stress and bad stress.
  • What is strength training and why it is so important for women 45+ to incorporate into their daily schedule
  • How stress and other factors can affect thyroid function and insulin resistance.
    • Dr. Krista has released a book. This book is not your average book. This irreverent, unconventional, seriously un-serious book — based on the Dr. Krista's 20 years of teaching and coaching, as well as the current science of change psychology — tackles the concept of disordered eating from a more informal, real-life angle.. To know more I urge you to CLICK HERE!

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