Featured Speaker: Brigid Cappello

Brigid ...Creator of Gorgeous Green Smoothies.

Since discovering Green Smoothies back in December 2008, they have been a favourite habit of Brigid's and an addition to her daily diet that she absolutely LOVES!!


In this interview you will discover…

  • How daily green smoothies can give you a great boost in energy and vitality.
  • Green smoothie recipes to help reduce your cravings for sugar and other "junk" foods and help your body to crave healthier meals and snacks.
  • Why daily green smoothies make you feel more mentally alert with no more "foggy brain" in your day.
  • That green smoothies are great for your digestion and can be a great help for detoxing and losing weight!
  • Click here to purchase Brigid's Gorgeous Green Smoothie ebook for the low price of just $12. Remember, $2 from every sale is donated to the Hamlin Fistula Foundation.

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