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Amanda Brocket

Amanda ...qualified Raw Food Chef, Teacher and Coach, and is a member of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches and Teachers. 

Amanda site, The Raw Food Kitchen came about after a 5+ year battle with systemic candida which made her a sick, depressed, bloated insomniac shell of her former self.

Within 2 weeks of introducing raw food into there diet, she began to feel happier, healthier, more centred, craved less junk and started to crave green juices!

After a month of raw she had lost the weight she had never been able to lose while trying to get better, was sleeping through the night and waking up with energy and feeling alive again! Her balloon of a belly was going down too!

After two months of eating raw all her niggling health conditions disappeared, she had her personailty back again and I could actually focus and get through the day without wanting to crawl into a corner somewhere.

Now that she has so much energy and a zest for life that she never thought she would get back ever she is sharing her secrets with all women to help them find vibrancy and vitality as they move into the "middle years" 


In this interview you will discover…

  • How eating raw food can help shift stubborn fat.
  • Amanda shares a recipe for you to enjoy with your morning tea.
  • She discusses whether you diet has to be raw in order for you to gain any benefits.
  • How you can make this work in your busy hoe, especially with teenage children.
  • How eating raw food can help with your mood swings.
  • To access Amanda's FREE Cherry Bite recipe, CLICK HERE. 

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