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Dr. Manisha Ghei

Candida, stress and gut sensitivities.

Amanda Brocket

Raw food for energy, vitality & weigth loss.

Ruth Akimbowale

Love your body and it will love you back!

Dr. Kirsta Scott-Dixon

Thyroid, insulin resistance, low oestrogen levels.

Nagina Abdullah

Spice yourself skinny with some amazing spices.

Karen Taylor

Breakfast ideas to boost your energy in your day.

Tanuja Parachuri

Sugar free, dairy free treats for you to indulge in.

Sarah Dawkins

Use of modern day DNA genetics for weight loss.

Dana La Voie

Boost your metabolism with Chinese Herbal wisdom.

Wendy Cohen

Constipation, liver health & hormone disruptors.

Shahinaz El Tarouty

How stress plays a part in weight gain.

Melanie Braswell

How spirituality & faith plays a role in health & fitness.‚Äč

Julie Dargan

Your host & Bali Retreat Organiser.

Kylie Russell 

5 secrets to fat loss success for women 40+

Sarah Schneider

Gut health & healing body & mind in women 45+.

Ruchika Behal

Your gut, menopause and weight loss triangle.

Heather Jones

Boost your weight loss success with EFT.

Brigid Cappello

Gorgeous green smoothie recipes.

Jaime Ballew

Simple nutrition & fitness strategies to lose weight.

Tanuja Dabir

Toxic relationships and weight gain.